French Fries Nations: The Hottest Spots Where Fries Rule

Ever since the humble french fries were invented in Belgium, countries worldwide appreciate and love this simple side dish. Many countries have their spin on french fry dishes, including the famous “fish and chips” in England. 

Countries where french fries are famous include the United States, Belgium, France, and Greece, to name a few. Each of these countries has popular dishes served at restaurants, like the Masala Chips dish in Kenya. Fries are used in every possible recipe the world over. 

If you want a new way to enjoy french fries, keep reading. 

1. United States: Burgers and Fries

Burgers and fries are standard American fare. Almost all of the restaurants in the US have a variation of burgers and fries on their menus. Fine dining restaurants elevate their fries with herbs, spices, and sauces, while others serve waffle-cut fries with their burgers. Also, for instance, baseball stadiums serve chili cheese fries as a take on the standard burgers fare.

2. Belgium: Stand Alone Frites

Since Belgium is the credited birthplace of french fries, it would stand to reason that they sell cones of fries, served with mayonnaise. Their double fry method creates great tasting fries that are popular everywhere in Belgium, from restaurants to pop-up vendors.

3. France: Pommes Frites

What do the French call French fries? Frites. For example, in Paris, the standard “frites” are elevated as they are served with a delicious rib-eye steak and a side salad, covered in a creamy bearnaise sauce. The French are also known for classic mussel dishes, which are often accompanied by crispy frites. The mussel dish is known as “Moules Frites.”

4. Netherlands: Patatjie Oorlog

Amsterdam is not just the home of legal weed shops–they also have a dish that will leave you scratching your head in wonder. You’ll wonder why you never thought of this before. Dutch street food vendors sell fries with a choice of exciting dipping sauces, such as a spicy peanut sauce or mayonnaise. The fries are also served with raw onions. Another way fries are served in the Netherlands is under a bed of meat, Gouda, and salad greens.

5: Greece: Gyros and Fries

In Greece, fries are often served with gyros, much like burgers and fries are served together in the US, But, like other countries, they have many dishes that include the famous french fry. Gyro fries are exactly what they sound like–gyro toppings on french fries and a sauce to tie together in a wrap. 

6. Canada: Poutine

Poutine is a Canadian signature dish, which is french fries covered with cheese curds and brown gravy. The fries are medium-thick and cooked to be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dish was created in Quebec in the mid-1950s and has been popular ever since. 

7. South Africa: Slap Chips

South Africa serves fries by themselves in a purist move. While other countries serve them as a side order, South Africans prefer the purity of eating only french fries, or “chips” with no other food. Slap chips are trendy, as the sliced potatoes are soaked in vinegar before frying, which helps them fry up crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. They also do one thing differently than many other places, and that is that they only fry their fries just once. 

8. England: Fish and Chips

Now, who hasn’t heard about the well known “fish and chips” of England? For those who don’t know what chips are, they are what Americans call “fries.” The dish is battered cod, and french fries served with tartar sauce or malt vinegar and lemon juice. The US, as well as many other countries, have adopted this Victorian dish.

9. Japan: Furaido Potato

As with many dishes in Japan, seaweed and bonito accompany the simple fries in a dish called “Furaido Potato,” which means “fried potato.” Potato starch, seaweed, sesame seeds, and butter enter the recipe, making the fries taste sweet and salty. The toppings make Japanese fries unique, as the seaweed is ground with sesame seeds and other spices. 

Another way that Japan loves their fries is with a sticky honey sauce and rolled in a mixture of chili flakes, sesame seeds, and garlic granules. Known as Furikake Fries; they are trendy.

10. Kenya: Masala Chips

Kenya enjoys their “chips” a bit differently, as they toss the freshly made fries with a tomato-based masala sauce and give a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten the flavors. Several types of masala sauces work well on these fries. It’s interesting to note that many Kenyans make their sauce from scratch, then toss in the freshly cooked fries.

11. Peru: Sausage and Fries

Salchipapas is a classic Latin American street food served across Peru, consisting of cut sausages on top of french fries. A choice of condiments is served with the fries, including mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and a tomato-onion salsa, which can be squeezed directly on the dish, or served on the side. A variation on the dish might be fried eggs, cheese, lettuce, or tomatoes instead of sausages. The recipe started as a “poor man’s dish” and spread across Peru.

12. Tanzania: French Fry Omelette

Chipsi Mayai, or the french fry omelet, is very popular in Tanzania, East Africa. Sliced potatoes are added to a large wok and fried. Then eggs and other garnishes are added right on top of the potatoes and left to cook. While some prefer just the eggs and fries, others like vegetables added or a tomato and onion salad on top.

Many street vendors make and sell this throughout Tanzania. However, it is entirely likely that several restaurants and home chefs make this dish frequently. 

13. Ireland: Curry Chips

When one reads “curry,” one usually thinks of India. But, Ireland came up with the curry chips–fries covered in a curry sauce. The fries are not the typical American fast-food fries, but rather are like regular steak fries, or chips, which are thick and able to stand up to heavy sauces. 

14. Ukraine / Bulgaria: Kartofi Sus Sirene

Kartofi Sus Sirene is a dish that is popular in Bulgaria and Ukraine and is baked potatoes with cheese and melted to a golden brown on top. The recipe is basically like nachos in America but made with baked slices of potatoes. Although technically not fried food, people refer to the dish as fries but do not want to advertise it to the world. Perhaps it is because they feel the recipe is too simple or dull compared to other international cuisines. Whatever the reason it might be, there’s something to be said about these potatoes and cheese.

15. India: Finger Chips

In India, fries are often known as “finger chips,” seasoned with Himalayan sea salt, or any other seasonings desired.

Last Word

French fries, no matter what they are called throughout the world, are popular and well-loved. Variations of french fry dishes are as unique as the country that spawned them.

Fries, chips, frites, or patat–no matter how they are known, french fries have evolved into some unique and classic dishes that have made countries famous. When you’re craving french fries, but are bored with the standard fare, take a page out of the world book and create something unique and delicious. Who knows? You might come up with the next big french fry dish!

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