Sushi (Itadakimasu!): Reasons to Indulge in These Japanese Delicacies

Sushi is big business – sushi bars, sushi restaurants, sushi-making products, and online recipes show how popular sushi is. If you haven’t yet tried sushi, today, we’ll present you with several reasons why you should!

You should eat sushi because the fish used is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, it comes in many delicious options, and it is easy to make at home. The nori wraps surrounding the sushi rolls boost your metabolism, while the ginger served with sushi has many health benefits. 

Are you hungry for more? Dig in to find out why you should eat sushi!

These are 15+ reasons why you should eat sushi:

1. Fish is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for boosting heart health and improving cholesterol levels, while too many Omega-6 fatty acids can cause inflammation. A balanced ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 is 4:1, meaning humans need about four times more Omega 3 fatty acids than Omega 6 in their diets. That being said, the raw fish in sushi is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

2. Rice vinegar has antibacterial properties.

Rice vinegar is often used to flavor the ingredients used in sushi, which is perfect for you because it has several antibacterial properties. Besides that, rice vinegar can help with digestion, liver health, blood pressure, among other benefits.

3. Sushi ginger has many health benefits.

Whenever you go to a sushi restaurant and get your favorite sushi roll, they often serve pickled ginger on the plate with the sushi. It is not served as a garnish, but rather as a palate cleanser, which can help you enjoy other courses. But what many people don’t know is that pickled ginger root can be quite beneficial for your health. Ginger root helps fight off cold viruses, treat nausea, may reduce muscle pain, and is anti-inflammatory.

4. Sushi wraps are a metabolism booster.

The dried seaweed wrap that keeps the sushi put together, aka nori, may boost your metabolism, which could translate to burning more calories. Nori is also rich in minerals and vitamins, like iodine, which gives you a healthy boost of nutrition with every bite.

5. Wasabi can be quite healthy.

Sushi is usually eaten with wasabi (aka Japanese horseradish), which has several health benefits. According to Healthline, wasabi has anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

6. You can make sushi at home.

Once you watch a how-to video on how to make your sushi at home, you may find that it’s cheaper to indulge in your favorite food more often. After you learn the basic techniques and can master your knife skills, you shouldn’t have any problems making it and showing off to your friends and family.

7. Sushi is appropriate for most diets.

Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Or are you doing the low-carb diet? Sushi can be made to fit whatever eating plan you are following. Vegetarians love sushi because it can be made with eggs and vegetables, while vegans love sushi because it can be made with all plant life. 

While sushi on a low carb diet may be a bit trickier due to the rice and sugar used, some excellent substitutes can be used. Cauliflower rice can be subbed for the rice, and the sauces can be made without sugar.

Or if you’re following your diet of “I see it, I eat it,” sushi is always appropriate. 

8. Sushi can be beautiful art.

It is common knowledge that humans eat with their eyes first, and if something looks beautiful and delicious, then it usually is. Sushi is often plated artfully with sushi chefs going out of their way to make the presentation just right. That is why master sushi chefs train for years at their craft, making it just right.

9. Sushi has great fusion applications.

Fusion cooking is the art of putting two very different cuisines together to make a brand new cuisine. Japanese-American, Indian-French, and Italian-Mexican are just three cuisines that have shown up in the last decades. Sushi lends well to fusion, as is demonstrated by the California Roll, which contains avocado, cucumber, crab meat, and rice.

10. Sushi can be a great meal for a date.

Sushi restaurants can be a great first date as there could be many things to talk about within that environment. From the flair of the chefs to the exciting decorations, you may get to know your date in a very unique way. And If you’re on a third or fourth date, you could try making sushi together at home

11. So many flavors are crammed into a small package.

The balance of flavors that are packed into such a small piece of food can only be a miracle. With fish, rice, vegetables, and seaweed, along with other strategically placed ingredients, the flavor profile is spectacular. 

12. Sushi can be healthy or unhealthy.

Depending on your definition of healthy food, and depending on what you’re in the mood for, sushi can either be healthy or unhealthy. The conventional view of fried foods is that they are unhealthy, so any fried sushi rolls are likely going to be unhealthy. But if you’re in the mood for fried, feel free to indulge a little. However, if you are in the mood for a lighter roll, then there is a choice for you as well. It’s up to you! 

13. It’s perfectly acceptable to use your hands to eat sushi.

Sushi pieces are made to pop in your mouth in one bite. If you’re not very adept at using chopsticks, then it is perfectly acceptable to pick the piece up with your hands (providing you washed them first) and eat it. Of course, many sushi restaurants will give you a fork to use if you ask for one. 

14. Sushi lends well to mindful eating.

Sushi is an art that you eat, and it is best enjoyed while sitting down in an unhurried, relaxed setting. Doing this can help you appreciate the flavors and nuances of the dish, as well as the environment that you’re in. Sushi is not like eating a cheeseburger on the go–take your time and enjoy your food. 

15. Sushi can be the perfect appetizer.

Whether you’re in a restaurant or at home, sushi makes the perfect appetizer. Not only will the beauty of the dish get you (and your guests) in the mood to eat, but the flavors and textures also stimulate the appetite for eating more food. Of course, this works only if you eat or serve smaller portions.

16. Sushi comes in many delicious options.

When you look at a sushi menu, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first with all the sushi options. Since sushi comes in so many varieties, you may not get bored for a long time with the many options. Different types of sushi rolls pair well with various ingredients, which gives you many more options for you to try.

Last Word

Sushi is trendy for many reasons; it introduces you to another culture and cuisine, and it tastes pretty good too. 

When you go to a sushi restaurant, remember that you’re entering another culture, in a way, and it’s always best to know the etiquette’s rules before you go. Don’t mix the wasabi paste into the soy sauce. That is considered bad manners. Soy sauce is meant to dip, not soak, your roll into lightly. And please don’t use your chopsticks to drum on the tables, even though you might want to.

Sushi is worth trying, so enjoy it!

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